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Our Work: Project Update - Dudley Square Posted by on

Formerly one of the largest furniture stores on the East Coast, this long-dormant building will once again be a source of pride for the community as the home of the Boston Public School Department. NERCC photographer Ellen Webber visited the site this week to get some updated shots of the project. Learn more about this project by clicking here to watch the Dudley Vision video.  




The latest issue of New England Carpenter is on its way! Posted by on

Keep an eye on your mailbox, the latest issue of the New England Carpenter magazine will be arriving this week. The issue features a story about the economic recovery slowing spreading across New England as well as a cluster of stories about NERCC members and their involvement in the community. You can read the issue online and find additional content, including links to video content, by clicking here

Wage equality, training the focus of NH forums Posted by on

People in New Hampshire are learning more about unions and the wage and training opportunities they offer thanks to panel discussions being held, which elected officials and Carpenters Local 118 Business Manager Elizabeth Skidmore.

The forums focus primarily on the wage gap between men and women and are being sponsored by the NH AFL-CIO and New Hampshire Citizens Alliance, which is 23 cents and hour in New Hampshire and 18 cents nationally. While women are still under-represented in construction, Skidmore points out that wage equality is not an issue in the union sector.

“In union construction, women make exactly the same as men,” Skidmore said at one of the forums. “Starting 35 years ago, when women started getting into construction. Every hour we work, every dollar we get paid, we get paid exactly the same.”

In addition to collective bargaining agreements ensuring equal pay, unions also offer apprentice and journey level upgrade classes, which allow for entrance and advancement in the industry. Each of the forums, held in Manchester and Portsmouth, received prominent media coverage, including quotes from Skidmore.

Donahue wins in Worcester Posted by on

Dan Donahue, son of Jack Donahue, who is the Business Manager of Local 107, Regional Manager for Central and Western Massachusetts and Warden for the NERCC, was the winner of a special election Democratic primary election for state representative last night. Donahue will take on Republican Carla Claros in a general election on September 10 for the 16th Worcester District seat, from which John Fresolo recently resigned.

Dear Carpenters Care Posted by on

How do I know if I have Lyme disease?

It is summer in New England, that means outside work, outside play, and exposure to everything that comes with being outdoors. Lots of people come in to see us with topical skin complaints these days: a rash, a burn, a bump or lump. While the urban legend (probably rooted in some kind of fact) that a bull’s-eye rash after a tick bite is how you diagnose Lyme disease, CDC studies show that fewer than 50% of patients with Lyme disease recall a tick bite and fewer than 50% of patients with Lyme disease recall any rash. So what does that mean for you and Lyme disease?

Anyone who works or plays outdoors is at risk. Deer ticks like cool, moist environments like tall grass around the edges of yard or along side roads. They also like moist gardens and shrubs in wooded areas; they can even fall off of trees! The list is endless and so is the risk for exposure even right in your own backyard.

Performing daily skin checks, wearing DEET repellent and wearing socks and shoes decrease your risk for tick bites. You should contact your doctor if you have symptoms such as a rash, aches or pains and ask about an evaluation for Lyme. It’s not just a bull’s-eye rash anymore. 

If you have a question or are interested in learning more about Carpenters Care please call
1-781-222-0930 or email


Our Work - Liberty Mutual World Headquarters Posted by on


Learn more about the Liberty Mutual project by clicking here to view it in our online portfolio.

Meet Our Community - Eamonn Murphy Posted by on

Brother Eamonn Murphy left Ireland to seek a career in Boston in the summer of 1998. In February of the following year, he joined Carpenters Local 33 as first year apprentice. From the onset, Brother Murphy showed a thirst for knowledge and has fully embraced the opportunities available to all members of the Carpenters Union. He now works as an Estimator and teaches other union carpenters as an instructor at Wentworth Institute of Technology’s College of Professional and Continuing Education. Read more of his story here