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UPP: Camp Arrowhead project wraps up tomorrow Posted by on

Check out this great project at Camp Arrowhead in Natick, MA, which offers day and residential camp for children and adults with special needs. Saturday, June 27th is the final day of this great volunteer UPP event.Click here to learn more.

Events like the Camp Arrowhead build project are happening throughout New England. Visit to find an event happening near you!


Is July 3 a holiday for union carpenters? Posted by on

There have been numerous inquiries from union carpenters and contractors throughout New England about the language in the collective bargaining agreements pertaining to the July 4th holiday. The Contractor Relations Department would like to share the following information and asks you to share it with others.

For work being performed under the collective bargaining agreements for Western Massachusetts and Connecticut, July 3, 2015 is a recognized holiday. For work being performed under any other agreements in New England, July 3 is considered a regular work day.

UPP Cycle 2: Every Event Counts! Posted by on

The Union Participation Program has entered Cycle 2. That means members have more chances to create work, build communities and make a difference in the industry. It also means more chances to qualify for the next Carpenters Appreciation Night.
Every event counts! Get active now at