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The Cape Cod Times posted this article about carpenters demonstrating yesterday, including quotes from NERCC Representative Brian Richardson. The target of the demonstration was Advantage Construction, which is undermining the standard for carpenters' wages and benefits while building at Balise Ford in Hyannis. The project is one of several where carpenters have demonstrated in the last few weeks about Advantage Construction.

"We know what they're getting paid and it's significantly less than area standard," said Brian Richardson, a protest participant and the director of organizing for the New England Regional Council of Carpenters.
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In Wednesday's demonstration, about 40 carpenters chanted, waved signs and blew whistles in front of the new Balise Ford location on High School Road, where the dealership is being renovated. Last Friday, about 50 protesters marched outside the recently constructed showroom at Hyannis Toyota on Route 132.

Balise Ford manager Mark Caliri declined to comment on the protest, saying that the issue is between the union and the construction company.

The target of the demonstrations has been Quincy-based Advantage Construction, the construction management company overseeing the work at the two dealerships. Advantage Construction pays workers $20 to $25 per hour, Richardson said ?? far less than the $50 that he said is the standard hourly rate on Cape Cod.

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NERCC demonstrating against Advantage Construction in Hyannis Posted by on

Union carpenters yesterday demonstrated in Hyannis where Advantage Construction is undermining area standards for carpenters' wages and benefits while building for Belise Ford.