​New York elections during the pandemic
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School Board and Budget elections: Proceeding, as scheduled, on June 9. All registered voters will be emailed an invite to vote, including postage.

Presidential primary: Courts currently ruling primary to be held on June 23.

ALL other state primaries and special elections: Proceeding, as schedule, on June 23. (more information below)

Village and Town elections: Proceeding, as scheduled, on September 15.

Details on state primaries and special elections:

Every registered voter in New York is being mailed an application to vote by absentee ballot. The application comes with a return, postage-paid envelope. Voters must fill out, sign and mail the ballot back to their local board of elections by June 22. Absentee ballots can also be requested here.

• Make sure you are registered to vote at your current address. You can confirm your voter status here.

• You should receive your ballot no less than 32 days before the election. Once it’s filled out, you must mail it back by the day before Election Day (Monday, June 22nd). For your ballot to count, the Board of Elections must receive it no later than 7 days after the election on June 23rd.

You can vote early in person, from June 13-21st at locations determined by the county boards of election, OR at your polling place on June 23rd.

Endorsements by local unions in June 23 elections:
Local 276: NY-27 Chris Jacobs (R)

Local 277: AD-138 Harry Bronson (D)

Local 279: NY-17 David Carlucci (D) and Anthony Scarpino for Westchester Co. DA (D)